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Want to drop me some crit for Balthier? Here's the place for it ♥ Don't hesitate to say what's on your mind, I love crit and being able to improve


Name:Jabberwocky Ai
Journal: jabberart
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Name: Balthier (real name is Ffamran Mied Bunansa)
Canon: Final Fantasy XII
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthday: Headcanon: August 5th

History: Wiki Right at the beginning of Revenant Wings, after returning Vaan and Penelo to Lowtown
Personality: Balthier isn't exactly the paragon of virtue, but his vices certainly aren't the most repugnant either. One might say he's a noble thief though he'll protest greatly any nobility and then proceed to selflessly save the day. And that is Balthier in a nutshell. On the surface, Balthier comes across as cynical, vain, conceited, petty, utterly full of himself and rather callous. He calls himself the 'Leading Man', revels in his depravity, walks with a swagger that makes other pirates feel inadequate and seems to believe that he can't die (which considering what happens at the end FFXII, he is probably right).

Underneath that apparent pride is a much different man however. As the game progresses, Balthier proves to be the most level-headed and realistic of the party members (aside from his stoic and totally hot partner-in-crime, Fran) and is, more often than not, the go-to guy for information. He's been around the block, and knows just about everything about everything. And though he frequently injects a healthy dose of cynicism and reality into his starry-eyed, idealistic companions, he sticks to his own ideals and high standards quite stubbornly. If you manage to worm your way under his skin, you'll find a deeply compassionate man who exhibits far more self-control and kindness than he'll ever admit. He's well aware of his mortality, and lives his life fully, if indulgently and he exhibits disgust towards those who mistreat or use others for their own gain.

Like his father, he believes people should be free to choose their own destiny; but unlike his father he's not willing to destroy lives or entire countries to obtain it. This is not to say Balthier is a pacifist. True, he is a gentleman and violence is rarely his first resort, but it isn't necessarily his last either.

As a sky pirate, Balthier lives the high life, indulging only in the finest things. Though don't be fooled by the expensive clothes and immaculate hygiene; Balthier is as at home tromping through tombs, deserts, sewers and undead-infested caves as he is sitting on top the stack of treasure he's pilfered from such places. He's a man who will kick ass, take names and look fucking fabulous while doing it.

Balthier is not without his flaws however. As stated above, he has an ego the size of the crater that is now Nabradia and he's extremely stubborn. More often than not it's gotten him in trouble. And... oh yes, he's a criminal. He loves a good challenge and if he thinks it might be fun he'll gladly nick a trinket or two from your character.

Abilities: Due to the very customiable nature of characters in Final Fantasy XII, I'm going with the build I normally use for Balthier.

Balthier has a great deal of skill with guns, crossbows, and blades but he's not much of a mage so I generally kept his magic dealings with Time and Arcane based abilities with a few curative spells.

Balthier has three Quickening abilities (similiar to Limit breaks and Overdrives), from weakest to strongest being Fires of War, Tides of Fate, and Element of Treachery. The Espers I equipped to him were Mateus (ice based summon) and Ffamfrit (a water based summon that his father used). The Quickenings and Espers, however, are extremely dangerous not just to the user's enemies but to the user himself. They are extremely draining and can likely be difficult to control, so Balthier reserves that pool of power specifically for emergencies only.

Also he is not called the prodigal son of Cidolfus Bunansa for nothing. Balthier has a brilliant mind for engineering, having stolen a worthless clunker from the Archadian military and almost singlehandedly redesigned and rebuilt her into the sleek, speedy Strahl he captains today. He's a grease monkey and a techno nerd under all that wit, charm and class.



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